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NASWVA Professional Certification in Trauma & Resilience Informed Care Training Program Fall 2022

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NASWVA/Metro DC Professional Certification
Trauma & Resilience Informed Care Training Program
Spring 2022


$1380 value


$690 for members

$860 for non-members


Course Description:

Attendees will earn 34.5 Category I Contact Hours over a 6-month period of time.


(90 minutes a week over a period of 6 months including both live and self-paced instruction)


15 hours of live face to face instruction with a trauma expert!


This course is helpful for social workers in clinical practice in the following settings:

            - Private Mental Health

            - Public Mental Health

            - School Social Workers and Counselors  

            - Medical Social Work (Hospital, Integrative Healthcare, Skilled Care Living)

            - Domestic Violence and Child Welfare

            - Criminal Justice


The program is designed to instruct in two ways: on demand learning and live instruction and case application sessions with Dr. Allison Jackson-Dyer.


This course is self-paced where participants select when to access their on-demand learning. On Demand courses (19.5 hours) include video instruction, visual presentations, exemplars of actual application skills that enhance achievement of clients’ goals, practical resources, and more.


Live virtual class instruction with Dr. Allison Jackson-Dyer supports participants in learning skills, asking questions, and engaging in small-group consultation with others, as well as direct feedback from Dr. Jackson-Dyer.


Want to learn more about the curriculum: NASW VA and Metro DC Trauma and Resilience Informed Care Training Program |


Interested in Test Driving a Session, click here for a microlesson on Explaining the Brain to Children and Adolescents:


Training commitment and dates:

The NASW VA/Metro DC Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience Informed Care Training Program will be comprised of 34.5 hours of online training.


  • 19.5 hours will be achieved on your own time via a Learning Platform that you have access to 24/7.

(You may complete this work at any time, however, based on prior participant experience the schedule below gives you a pacing guide that we have found to be helpful.)


  • Three Half-Day and Two Evening Sessions (15 contact hours) are conducted over the 6-month period. This content will be offered via live webinar on a Learning Management System (Zoom). This is a place to integrate what you are learning during the on-demand sessions with real time application and opportunities to ask questions directly and learn from others.

Live sessions are offered at a variety of times including weekday mornings, two evening and a weekend morning.

- 2 weekdays in the morning

- 2 evenings

- 1 Saturday morning


A 1-hour orientation meet up is offered prior to the class starting. This meet up helps you get to know the Learning Management System used in the course, ask logistical questions, and get to know your fellow participants. It is helpful to attend this live. In case live attendance is not possible for you, this session is recorded and placed in the Learning Management System for your review.


Participants are expected to attend all live webinars at the scheduled date/time. If there is a crisis or emergency that prevents that, a participant will need to work with the instructor to see if make up time and work can be accepted.

Training Dates are:

Friday, September 9 - live session (Orientation) (10:00 am - 11:00 am)
Weeks of September 12-23 - on-demand classes 1 and 2
Friday, September 23 - live session 1 (9:30 am - 1:30 pm)
Weeks of September 26-October 7 - on-demand classes 3 and 4
Saturday, October 8 - live session 2 (9:30 am - 1:30 pm)
Weeks of October 10-October 19 - on-demand class 5
Thursday, October 20 - live session 3 (9:30am - 1:30 pm)
Weeks of October 24-November 1 - on-demand classes 6 and 7
Wednesday, November 2 - live session 4 (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm)
Wednesday, November 9 - live session 5 (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

after November 9 - on-demand class 8


 Attendees will earn 34.5 Category I Contact Hours.


Registration Fees - includes CE certificate (emailed after training)

NASW Member    $690
Non-Member       $860


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 7, 2022 for live attendance at September 9 live virtual introductory session. September 21, 2022 to view a recording of the introductory session. 

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