"Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) Essentials" 

Fleet and Family Readiness Program

"Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) Essentials" is a comprehensive workshop designed to equip participants with essential skills and strategies for effective therapy. Through this program, attendees will gain insights into:

  • Explore the attachment perspective's role in developing resilience and its implications for clinical practice.
  • Learn the 5 macro-intervention moves of the EFIT Tango and experiential micro-interventions.
  • Understand how to create transformative moments that address vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Learn to shape corrective emotional experiences that reshape negative self-definitions and improve interactions.
  • Apply EFIT techniques to clients with various symptoms and post-traumatic issues.
  • Embrace an attachment-focused humanistic approach to clients and interventions.
  • Identify and address core emotional experiences to foster emotional balance.
  • Recognize protective, self-defining, and interactional patterns.
  • Utilize the 5 moves of the EFT Tango to facilitate corrective emotional experiences.
  • Design scenarios to expand self-awareness and enhance interpersonal connections.
  • Integrate corrective emotional experiences into models of self and others.
  • Validate clients' sense of competence and worth in each session.

Date(s): May 14-17, 2024
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington DC
CE Hours: 24.0 Continuing Education Hours (6.0 Continuing Education Hours per event date)
Sponsor:  Aurora Taylor-Fentress
Contact/Registration Information: Contact Aurora Taylor-Fentress at aurora.j.taylor-fentress.naf@us.navy.mil, or call (202) 431-0178.

"Clinical Skills For Addressing Family Mental Health Needs"

Arbit Counseling

In our work as clinical social workers, there are some topics that we get a lot of training in and some that require some additional training. I, with my team at Arbit Counseling, identified some key areas where we would like to further our training and information. Our goal is to increase our competence as providers so that we can better serve our patients and our community.

Date(s): June 14, 2024, August 9, 2024, September 13, 2024, November 8, 2024, January 10, 2025, and March 14, 2025
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: Hybrid - 4405 East-West Highway Suite 507 Bethesda MD 20814
CE Hours: 1.0 Continuing Education Hours per event date
Sponsor: Arbit Counseling
Contact/Registration Information: Contact Ruthie Arbit at ruthie@arbitcounseling.com, or call (240) 863-2618.

"Introduction To Sandtray Play Therapy for Mental Health Professionals"

Next Place Therapy Services

Elevate your social work and behavioral health practice with our Introduction to Sandtray Therapy training. Gain practical insights into this transformative approach, enhancing your ability to work with diverse client populations.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Techniques: Learn to integrate sandtray therapy for emotional expression and exploration through visual and tactile means.
  • Diverse Applications: Discover how to effectively utilize sandtray therapy with clients of all ages, from children to adults, in various therapeutic settings.
  • Improved Client Engagement: Offer clients a creative outlet to explore narratives and emotions, leading to deeper insights and progress.
  • Culturally Sensitive Practice: Tailor interventions to clients' cultural backgrounds, incorporating diverse symbols for a more inclusive therapeutic experience.

Date(s): June 28, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: 1300 Mercantile Lane, suite 100 G2 Largo, Maryland 20774
CE Hours: 6.0 Continuing Education Hours 
Sponsor: Next Place Therapy Services, LLC
Contact/Registration Information: Contact Sabra Starnes at nextplacetraining@gmail.com, or call (301) 404-3761.

Motivational Interviewing for Beginners

George Mason University

This 6-hour course is ideal for social workers new to motivational interviewing Participants will delve into the fundamental elements of motivational interviewing, exploring its applicability across various practice scenarios, from substance abuse treatment to working with clients hesitant to engage in therapy or adhere to medication regimens. The course will elucidate the stages of change, employing case studies to illustrate concepts.

Date(s): August 15-16, 2024
Time: 1:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: 1111 Peterson Hall, George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia
CE Hours: 6.0 Continuing Education Hours 
Sponsor: Next Place Therapy Services, LLC
Contact/Registration Information: Contact Carol Cleaveland at ccleavel@gmu.edu or call  (215) 432-9209.