NASW DC Course Accreditation Program 

NASW Metro DC is an accrediting body for workshops, seminars, conferences, or courses in the behavioral health field. The NASW Metro DC Chapter Course Accreditation Program (CAP) certifies workshops, conferences, seminars, and other types of programs that contribute to Social Work knowledge in all areas of practice (health, mental health, child/family services, etc.) and methodology (including clinical, administrative, management, policy, etc.). The goal of the program is to encourage the continuing education of all Social Workers throughout the Metro DC area and to establish a professional standard of excellence in those continuing education offerings.

Other accrediting organizations: NASW Virginia Chapter Course Accreditation ProgramDC Board of Social CE ApprovalAssociation of Social Work Boards

For information on training types approved through the “Course Accreditation Program (CAP”) of the NASW-Metro DC Chapter or NASW-Virginia Chapter for Continuing Education Hours, please click here:

Program Guidelines

Please read the entire overview of the NASW Metro DC Course Accreditation Program before preparing an application for submission. This will clarify many aspects of the process including application requirements, time frame, and administrative responsibilities of the sponsoring organization to ensure a smooth and successful Continuing Education event.   

Scope and Goal of the Program

NASW Metro DC is an accrediting body for workshops, seminars, conferences, or courses in the behavioral health field as indicated in the Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work issued by the DC Board of Social Work. The NASW Metro DC Chapter Course Accreditation Program (CAP) certifies workshops, conferences, seminars, and other types of programs that contribute to Social Work knowledge in all areas of practice (health, mental health, child/family services, etc.) and methodology (including clinical, administrative, management, policy, etc.). The goal of the program is to encourage the continuing education of all Social Workers throughout the District of Columbia and to establish a professional standard of excellence in those continuing education offerings.

Types of Programs Approved

Note: Attendees must attend at least 85% of all trainings for which they are seeking credit

Workshop: A single day or partial day of continuing education program geared at the delivery of professional knowledge or skills. Ten (10) or less continuing education hours.

Conference: A multiple-day meeting occurring over consecutive days and/or comprised of concurrent workshops – any multiple-day program with less than 30 continuing education hours.

Series: Any workshop series (of two or more providing at least 1 continuing education hour) with a general theme, but different topics/speakers for each event. The sponsoring organization will submit one application with goals and objectives for the “Series” and supporting goals and objectives for each ‘event’. Learning objectives, description, and speaker credentials must be submitted with the initial application OR a minimum of 35 days before the event. If speaker credentials are not received a minimum of 35 days before the event, that particular event will not be eligible for CE credits. All events must take place within one year of the approval of the initial application to be considered as part of the series program. Attendees may earn varying continuing education hours of CE credit at the completion of the series.

Chart of Fees

A nonrefundable fee covering application processing is assessed to providers.

Chart of Fees-DC Updated July 3, 2024638556182352421740

Online Training Courses

NASW Metro DC approves online training courses using the same criteria as the categories above based on the content/coursework.

  • If approved, the online training course will be eligible for continuing education hours for a period of 1 year after the initial approval date.
  • Once a training is approved, it can be offered online (on-demand) up to 60 days from the original training date.
  • When the 60-day period ends, sponsors may request a repeat (additional fee applies – see fee chart) provided the content/speakers have not changed.
  • A repeat approval will provide an additional 60-day period for the online training.
  • The training may be repeated 3 additional times after original approval provided the repeats are within 1 year from the original approval date.
  • Sponsors must provide NASW Metro DC a verified Attendee Roster/Evaluation Summary at the end of each 30-day period.

The DC Board of Social Work allows no more than twelve (12) hours of independent home studies, distance learning continuing education activities, or internet courses.  

Submission of Application Requirements

Applications, with all supporting documentation, should be submitted electronically using the online form at least 45 days before the program date(s) via the Chapter’s website. The Review process will not start until all documents have been received and the appropriate processing fee has been paid. Late fees will apply if the application is received any later than 45 days (see Chart of Fees).  Applications received less than 5 business days before the starting date of training will NOT be accepted or reviewed.

What needs to be submitted:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Agenda for the Program (including clock times, sequence of topics and speakers)
  3. Speakers’ vitae or resume (not to exceed 3 pages per speaker. Do not submit biographical summaries)
  4. Copy of an evaluation form
  5. Payment of processing fee via the website

Applicants will be expected to identify specific program learning objectives, and speaker credentials that are consistent with NASW Standards for Continuing Professional Education (NASW, 2002). Applications must include agendas, timetables, method(s) of instruction, speaker CVs or resumes, and content outlines designed to meet the identified learning objectives. All files should be clearly labeled and sent electronically via the Chapter’s website.

A Social Worker must participate in the program planning and evaluation.

Instructors or workshop leaders must be appropriately credentialed in their fields of practice.

Continuing Education Hours: One continuing education hour is equal to a 60-minute clock hour. Registration, lunch, and other breaks should not be included.

Ethic Hours: To qualify as Ethics hours, the training must reflect a majority of the six ethical standards listed in the NASW Code of Ethics including Service, Social Justice, Dignity and Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, and Competence. The background of the presenter(s) should reflect competence in ethical training and the training must demonstrate relevance to social work practice. 

Promoting NASW-DC Approval on Your Program Literature:

  • Prior to approval: Promotional material must state, 'Continuing Education Approval from NASW Metro DC Chapter is pending'.
  • Courses approved by NASW Metro DC should have the following information: 'This program has been approved by the National Association of Social Workers, Metro DC Chapter for ___ continuing education hours.'


NASW Metro DC-CAP Evaluation Criteria

Application Content
Applications must contain enough information for evaluation by the NASW Metro DC Chapter. If the Chapter deems the submitted information insufficient, additional information may be requested from the sponsoring organization before rendering a final decision. Failure to submit such data may serve as the basis for denying approval.

Topic information must relate to one of the following:

  1.  Social Work Practice, theory, and/or methodology;
  2.  Social issues or policy;
  3.  Administration, planning, and research related to human services;
  4. Behavioral Health

The implications must be clear, logical, and defendable. This information should be reflected in any promotional material. Specific program learning objectives must be identified and supported with agendas, timetables, and content outlines. Event content must be congruent with the tenets of the NASW Code of Ethics.

A Social Worker must participate in the program planning and evaluation.

Instructors must be appropriately credentialed in their fields of practice. Instructors are regarded as qualified to present on a topic based on the following factors:

  • Competence in subject matter (as evidenced by work experience, formal education and training, publishing and/or public speaking history, and/or other recognition by peers including certificates, licenses, titles, and/or awards).

Requests are anticipated from individuals with a diverse array of credentials and experience. Accordingly, a strict standard will not be established solely based on academic degree.

It is recognized that individuals may have become known and accepted as competent within their fields without necessarily having achieved higher academic or professional credentials. These individuals, including well-published authors, have unique contributions to make to our knowledge. 

 NOTE: It is the singular responsibility of the audience to place speakers’ material in the appropriate context and determine any application of speakers’ material to their practice. Provider agrees to provide the requested information in a timely manner.

Application Evaluation

The Chapter shall act on a CAP application within 30 days of Chapter receipt for all portions and the processing fee. Acceptance or rejection notifications or requests for additional information shall be emailed to continuing education providers within 5 working days of the Chapter’s evaluation.

Note: If the application is received less than 45 days from the training date, late fees will be charged – see fees in the chart above.

Continuing education hours will be conferred based on the actual time expended in educational activities. One hour of instruction equals one continuing education hour. Accordingly, time allocated for conference registration, meals, snacks, social hours, rest breaks, or similar elements will be disqualified. For example, if an educational program is connected with a meal function, time spent eating is not included, but there may be credit for the academic portion of that session.

A repeat of an Approved Application: A workshop, conference, or series previously approved by NASW Metro DC may be repeated up to three (3) additional times within one (1) year of the original event date, provided there are no major changes to content, agenda, or speakers. The sponsoring organization MUST notify NASW Metro DC of the new date(s) and location(s) at least 30 days prior to the event to allow for internal review and formal acknowledgment.

Request for Retroactive Approval: The Chapter does not accept applications for training events that have already taken place; however, exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. To be considered the training must have taken place within 3 months of the application submittal, and the sponsor must pay the normal application fee plus the Retroactive fee (see Fee Chart). Acceptance of an application retroactively does NOT guarantee approval.

Continuing Education Credit Records & Issuance of Certificates

Permanent Records
NASW Metro DC maintains records of all applications, approvals, rejections, attendance, evaluation summaries, and CE certificates issued. Replacement CE certificates may be purchased through our website: NASW Members - $7.00; Non-members - $12.00

After the Training is Completed – Actions Required

The sponsoring organization is responsible for submitting to NASW Metro DC evidence that participants have satisfactorily completed the approved training and an Evaluation Summary as explained in item 2 below. The following information must be submitted within 30 days after completion of training.

  1. Verified Attendance Roster: The sponsoring organization must submit a verified attendance roster - in Excel format (a sample spreadsheet showing required data is provided with the NASW Metro DC approval letter). The event sponsor may use any reliable method to track attendance, but every attendee must appear on the Verified Attendance Roster. If requirements are not met, this could jeopardize the approval of future training by NASW Metro DC. A sample can be found here.
  2. Program Evaluation Summary: The training sponsor must ensure all attendees are provided with an evaluation tool to rate the speaker(s), program content, and overall satisfaction with the professional development event, and allow for additional feedback. Electronic surveys are acceptable, and the same guidelines apply. A summary of all evaluations must be compiled by the sponsoring organization and forwarded to NASW Metro DC along with the Attendance Roster. A sample can be found here.
  3. The above two items should be submitted within 30 days of completion of training via email to

 🚨IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If your multiday training doesn't necessitate full attendance for all event dates and the training sessions are interdependent, especially if each event date has a different title, then certificates must be purchased separately for each event date. This aligns with the continuing education (CE) credits issued for the specific title and CE earned on that particular event date.

How do Attendees get their CE Certificate? 

NASW-DC will issue CE certificates to participants who have successfully completed the program and appear on the Verified Attendance Roster. Each participant must complete at least 85% of all sessions for which they are seeking credit. Continuing education hours will be awarded based on the Verified Attendance Roster provided by the event sponsor. Certificates will be processed and emailed within 2-3 weeks of online order.

Cost of CE Certificate: NASW Members - $7.00; Non-members - $12.00

To purchase CE Certificates:

  • Individuals should visit
    • Select "CE Certificate, Individual, New, and Replacement" to purchase their CE certificates.
  • For Sponsoring Organizations making bulk purchases: Visit
    • Select "CE Certificate Bulk for approved CAP" to make bulk purchases of CE certificates for attendees.

CLICK HERE to access Course Accreditation Program (CAP) - Application & Other Documents.


All questions should be referred to Debra Riggs, Executive Director, via email at:

In the event you must pay any fees via check, please notify the Chapter office in advance via email. 

Checks must be payable to: the NASW Metro DC Chapter. 

             Mail to:
NASW Metro DC Chapter
c/o NASW-VA Chapter
4860 Cox Road, Suite 200
Glen Allen, VA  23060


Thank you for applying to NASW Metro DC to approve your continuing education event!