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Reclaiming Sexuality for Couples with Chronic Illness

Virtual Training Class!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases affect 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the population of this country. By 2020, that number is projected to be an estimated 157 million, with 81 million having multiple conditions. More Americans are living with not just one chronic illness, such as diabetes, heart disease or depression, but with two or more conditions. Many chronic diseases can cause problems with sexual function. This is a topic that is not often discussed but one that is so critical for the clients that we serve in many social work settings.

This workshop will provide participants with the tools on how to assess for pain and identify the skills participants can use in couples sex therapy to assist in processing the couples emotions centered on chronic illness. This workshop will teach participants on how to integrate various psychotherapy interventions used for pain management.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explain the sexual response cycle
  2. List 4 myths associated with chronic illness and sex
  3. Demonstrate ways to assess for chronic pain due to illness
  4. Describe 2 modalities in treating chronic pain and illness
  5. Discuss ways to reclaim sexual intimacy with the couples that are affected with chronic illness

Attendees will earn 3.0 CE Hours.

Registration is through NASW Virginia Chapter. Register using the link below.

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