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Independent Supervision and Games Played in Supervision (Nov 3-4)

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Supervision: Independent Supervision Best Practices & Managing Vicarious Liability AND Supervision: Overcoming the Games Played in Supervision

When both days are taken together, this course fulfills the 14 hour training requirement mandated by the Virginia Board of Social Work to provide clinical supervision for LCSW candidates. The Virginia Board of Counseling requires 20 hours of approved training to supervise LPC candidates.  Participants may register for ONE Day of the training to supplement another course if they wish. *Participants who have previously taken a 14-hour course from NASW-VA (within the last calendar year) and wish to take an additional one-day course may qualify for a discounted one-day registration rate. Please call the Chapter Office at 804-204-1339 for more information.

During this highly interactive seminar, attendees will engage with other professionals to strengthen their foundation of today’s best practice knowledge and enhance their skills to function effectively in the critical role of clinical supervisor. Day 1 explores the best practices in independent supervision, while Day 2 focuses on the games played in supervision.

Day 1: Supervision: Independent Supervision Best Practices & Managing Vicarious Liability (7 CE Hours, Includes 7 hours Ethics)

Regulations for clinical social work supervision have increased both supervisory accountability and liability for competent practice across the country, especially in the Commonwealth of Virginia. High quality supervision and competent clinical supervisors are actively being sought out by the next generation of clinical professionals. While employers strive to provide the requisite supervision hours mandated by boards, not all are in an organizational or fiscal position to do so. As a result, the demand for Independent Clinical Supervision is on the rise.

Amid the challenging social work practice climate, what must practitioners engaging in the exciting practice arena of Independent Clinical Supervision know to assure a successful professional experience? From established resources of practice accountability to the formulation of supervision contracts, this interactive training will both educate and empower attendees. Plan to attend and gain the knowledge and confidence to master your own independent supervisory processes!

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify the essential requirements of independent clinical supervision practice

  2. Understand vicarious liability in the independent clinical supervision process. 

  3. Recognize how evaluation is integral to the independent supervision process

Day 2: Supervision: Overcoming the Games Played in Supervision (7 CE Hours, Includes 2 Hours Ethics)

It is the task of the supervisor to ensure that supervision is designed to foster a supportive and nurturing supervisor and supervisee relationship. This relationship is the context for facilitating a supervisee to acquire knowledge-based competencies and healthy professional attitudes and values. Best practices in social work clinical supervision underscore that a strong supervisory alliance is essential to foster supervisee growth. However, there can be many relational challenges in supervision evident in the variety of games that can be played by either the supervisor or the supervisee.  This workshop will overview these games, highlight the power imbalance that exists in the supervisory relationship and identify strategies that can be used to best respond to games in supervision.

Learning objectives for course participants include:

  1. Identifying common games and relationship challenges that may occur in clinical supervision;

  2. Distinguishing supervisor games from supervisee games and describing complementary transactions;

  3. Identifying strategies that supervisors can use to effectively confront games and enhance the supervisory process; and

  4. Providing opportunity for self-reflection and increased awareness of personal game playing.


  1. Login time is 8:20 am; Seminar is 8:30 am-5:00 pm both days.

  2. This is a live virtual training. Login information and pdfs of the manuals will be sent to registrants the day before the training.

Presenters: Nikole Jiggetts, LCSW (Independent Supervision) and Sheena Lyle, LCSW (Games Play in Supervision)

Registration Fees - includes electronic manuals and CE certificate (emailed after training)

2 Day, 14-Hour Course

NASW Members    $275

Non-Members    $350

1 Day, 7-Hour Course

NASW Members $151.25

Non-Members $192.50

Registration Deadline: November 1, 2023

LOCATION: This will be a live virtual training. Registrants will be sent pdfs of the manuals and the link to join the training session online the day prior to the event.

Please plan to login by 8:20 am. The training begins at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm each day.

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