NASW Virginia and Metro DC Chapters 2024 Annual Conference


April 24-June 22 | via SwapCard
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2024 Annual Conference


At each year’s conference, we aim to embody NASW’s mission of enhancing the professional growth and development of our members. The social work profession is constantly evolving, and with every passing year, new issues arise that need to be addressed. In order to ensure that social workers are prepared to take on new challenges, our conference provides continuing education opportunities at the cutting edge of the field. This year we have selected the theme, “Connecting Minds, Empowering Lives: Advancing the Practice of Social Work.”

In keeping with our mission and this theme, our sessions this year focus on empowerment, innovation, advocacy, intersectionality and identity, youth, and treating the whole person.


Here is a preview of some of the session titles we are excited to bring you this year.

Dr Estreet speaking at conference
  • A Talk By NASW's New CEO Dr. Anthony Estreet, PhD, MBA, LCSW-C
  • Dismantling Unconscious Bias With Muslim American Hip-Hop Artist Amirah Sackett
  • From Algorithms to Advocacy: Ethical Use of AI in Social Work Practice
  • Utilizing Virtual Reality In Youth Mental Health
  • Talking with Children about Gender
  • Comprehensive Reproductive Education for Social Workers
  • Historical Trauma of Marginalized Communities and its Impact On Mental Health
  • Secondary Trauma in Children: The Impact of Having A Parent with PTSD
  • Symptoms vs Diagnosis: Viewing the Whole Person in Their Environment
  • Imposter Syndrome: Myth or Reality Among Social Work Practitioners?

How many CEs can I earn?

One of our most frequently asked questions is how many CEs are available at our conference.
This year we have a range of CE options to meet all your continuing education needs.

If you attend the On-Demand Annual Conference April 24-June 22, you can earn 76.5 CEs over the 60 days at your choice of time and location, including

  • 4 LGBTQ+ CEs
  • 24 Public Health Priorities (PHPs) CEs
  • 27.75 Ethics CEs

If you attended the full live-virtual conference April 18-20, plus took advantage of adding 60 days of on-demand viewing after the event, you can earn up to 76.5 CEs. You can add the 60-day option at any time before June 21. Available CEs include

  • 4 LGBTQ+ CEs
  • 24 PHP CEs
  • 27.75 Ethics CEs

If you attended the full in-person conference March 21-23, plus upgraded to on-demand viewing April 24-June 22, you can earn 76.5 CEs, including

  • 4 LGBTQ+ CEs 
  • 24 PHP CEs
  • 27.75 Ethics CEs

What your Peers Said about the 2024 Conference

"This year's NASW Virginia and Metro DC Chapters Annual Conference was an absolutely amazing experience. I attended so many wonderful breakout sessions and brought home a wealth of knowledge... I paid additionally for the on-demand [registration], so I could obtain access to the remaining sessions I was unable to attend in person. It was just that good! I also was able to meet and connect with some amazing people. I look forward to attending next year!"

"As a rural LCSW, I was provided the opportunity to network, engage, be empowered, lead, advocate, gain knowledge to continue the conversation with hospital leaders, enjoy community, and make some noise as a change maker. The opportunity to engage with
 Virginia Chapter [Executive Director] Debra [Riggs] and NASW CEUs provided a sense of belonging in a larger world in the rural LCSW practice in behavioral health and rural communities for policy and education."

"I really enjoy the NASW Virginia/Metro DC conferences. They offer a variety of workshops for every level of practice, and I learn something new every year to better my practice while earning my CEUs all in one place.”